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Collaborative tools
for creating insights

Analyzing data and making tough

business decisions is stressful enough.

CMIX eliminates the hassle of finding sample and managing quotas, programming engaging surveys and processing results, by simplifying every step along the way.

Use our sample or yours, work together with us or have us do everything for you -- whatever you need. Plus, our dedicated team is always available to take your call and make sure your projects run flawlessly.

Reach anyone, anywhere, anyhow

Use our validated and engaged online panels and other proven sample recruitment methods to easily find any type of person, all over the world. Create and administer surveys with CMIX or connect directly with your own survey system using our API. Our rigorous sampling quality management processes guarantee data accuracy at each stage of the survey process.

reach anyone
program surveys

Program surveys for any device, type of question or length

If you can think of it, CMIX can handle it. Our survey programming tool and experienced programmers have expertise across all types of complex survey designs and functionality. Your dedicated team is certified across translations, sampling, data processing and best practices for project management and data quality controls.

Manage and explore results with a point and click

The CMIX reporting tool makes it easier and faster to manage and analyze survey data. Its intuitive, flexible design allows you to download to Excel and Powerpoint, and publish online dashboards while projects are still in the field. Data can be provided in a variety of formats that meet your specific project needs.

best care

Experience the best care from our always-available team

What makes Critical Mix different is we believe that no matter the size or type of project you should always be able to contact a human being to get a question answered or get help. That's why our team can be reached at all hours of the day, including nights and weekends, whenever you need us.

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